Flat Maze is the 45th Expert stage in Challenge Mode and World 9-5 in Story Mode.

Description Edit

A narrow path slopes down and travels beneath part of a flat maze until it runs into a ramp that leads to the maze. The entire maze consists of one narrow path with lots of turns and occasional gaps that can be cleared with enough speed. The maze is so long that it is impossible to follow the path to the goal before the time runs out. There are 2 single bananas on the path beyond the goal, and 4 banana bunches at the dead end beyond the goal. The goal is located at a dead end on a small path that branches out of the main path, and it can be found near the upper left-hand corner of the maze.

Goals Edit

There is only one goal, the blue goal.

Strategy 1 Edit

Go up the ramp, and follow the path until you are heading "north" toward the goal. With enough speed, roll over the inside corner of the upcoming right angle in the path. This should bounce you over the gap and onto the area near the goal. Be sure to slow down when you land so that you don't fall off the back of the maze. Follow this path to the goal.

Strategy 2 Edit

This strategy is much faster, but is a little harder. Roll at top speed toward the ramp, and stay near the right-hand side of the path. As you glide off the down ramp, quickly jerk the control stick to the top-left so that you bounce off the up ramp to the left. If you did it right, the ball should be well in-line with the goal while in mid-air.