Flock is the 26th Expert stage in Challenge Mode and World 7-6 in Story Mode.

Description Edit

Several square-shaped platforms arranged in a diamond mosaic move up and down at different speeds. The goal is located on a V-shaped platform at the far corner of the diamond. A banana bunch is located at the left and right corner of the diamond, and 2 single bananas are located on square platforms near the goal.

Goals Edit

There is only one goal, the blue goal.

Strategy 1 Edit

Roll down the ramp, and get onto the first square platform. Keep heading straight, making sure to fall onto the next platform when it is lower than where you are. This stage can take a long time to complete, so try not to run out of time. When you get on the farthest square platform, wait for it to go up. When it is even with the goal platform, head into the goal.

Strategy 2 Edit

This strategy only works on the NTSC version of Super Monkey Ball 2. You may also need the right controller to do this. Pause the game as soon as the ball lands at the starting point. If the clock is around 59.80 seconds, resume and hold up on the control stick. If you did it right, you should see the ball bounce off the first square platform, fly forward, bounce some more, and hit the backboard of the goal. If you are slightly off, you can still bounce pretty far into the diamond, but slow down at the right time to avoid falling off, and proceed from there.