Boiling Pot (Story Mode)
Chip (Challenge Mode)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Spiral Bridge (Story Mode)
Quick Turn (Challenge Mode)
Previous Stage
Switch Inferno (Story Mode)
Fluctuation (Challenge Mode)
Replaced By

Folders (World 6-10 or Beginner EX 7) is the 7th stage in Beginner Extra and the 60th stage in the game. In Expert challenge mode, this is moved to the Beginner extra stages so Earthquake could be added.


This stage is made of 15 rectangular platforms with railings on the side. The platforms are next to one another and are either flat or collapsed down at a 90 degree angle, changing every couple of seconds. The railing doesn't collapse, so it is an easy way to go through the stage.


The only goal in this level is a Blue Goal.

Blue GoalEdit

To get the Blue Goal, head onto the right-side railing. Continue to the end without touching the rest of the floor at all. Wait for the last platform to collapse and head back up, then dash to the goal. The fast way to do it is this : roll up on the right side of the stage, then the left, then the right again, like miles does, and hit the first folder on the right edge as it is coming up, then hit the left edge of the folder that you bounce on, then, if you have done it right, you will go straight in the goal, while getting a few bananas. An easier way to do this is if you bounce on the railing instead of the folder, after you have been hit by the first one.

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