Giant Swing is the 4th Expert Extra stage in Challenge Mode in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Description Edit

A wide path turns left, then right, and then another right to lead to a flat area with a large swing supported by two posts. The posts move back and forth along the sides of the flat area. A wide ramp leads up to a flat T intersection. There are 2 more ramps facing the other way, and they lead up to a ledge that connects the ramps. Far across the ledge beyond the swing is a floating platform with the goal and 8 single bananas. The swing itself is as wide as the top ledge and goal platform. There are 10 banana bunches on the swing.

Goals Edit

There is only one goal, the blue goal. Follow the path to the ramp. Avoid getting crushed by the swing. Go up the first ramp, and go up the left or the right ramp. Wait on the ledge. As the 30-second mark appears, the swing's posts should be coming towards you, and the swing should be suspended briefly at mid-height, about to swing down and up toward you. After the swing starts to move down, roll forward off the ledge and bounce up in the air off the swing. Land on the goal platform and roll into the goal.

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