The Glitch Floor (known technically as Beginner 11) is a glitch in Super Monkey Ball 2. This floor is

The glitch floor.

accessed by following a special routine. The floor itself is a small square with the start in one corner and the goal diagonally from the start. It has no background and no bananas. The background music is the Story Mode's stage select screen.

Acessing the floorEdit

SMB2 - How to get to Glitch Floor01:59

SMB2 - How to get to Glitch Floor

Tutorial for accessing this glitch

Using a new file (aka Practice Mode unavaliable), do the following:
  1. Begin Story Mode.
  2. Begin playing Simple but exit Story Mode before finishing.
  3. Play the stage in Practice Mode.
  4. Begin playing Advanced in Challenge Mode, but exit the mode during stages 1-10.
  5. Go to Practice Mode. Highlight Advanced and swich to beginner with L. The stage, named ~~, will be highlighted.


If the player selects "View Stage" on the pause menu, the stage's floor will be invisible.

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