The Golden Banana Bunch is a pack of eight golden bananas, that can be found on Monkey Island. It was once stolen by the Space Pirate Captain In Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, in which the player has to travel across the universe,hunting them down.

History Edit

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Edit

the Space Pirate Captain stole them from Monkey Island. You have to travel across the eight worlds to get them back. The first one is in Monkey Island, the second in Jumble Jungle, the third in Smooth Sherbet, the fourth in Detritus Desert. The fifth is in Pirates Ocean, the sixth in Cobalt Caverns, the seventh in Volcanic Pools, and the last one is in Space Case.

Physical Appearance Edit

they are very shiny, and they are gold colored. After they are found, they take on the shape of a golden steering wheel that steers the boat that the monkeys used to get back to earth.

Notes/Trivia Edit

.The bosses seem to be powered by the Golden Bananas, but the Space Pirate Captain was somehow alive before he stole them. .In the party game Monkeysmith, on single player mode, when you get a perfect score, you forge a bunch of golden bananas.

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