Beginner Floor 19

Gsdx 20170823010449

Difficulty Group
Banana Count
25 (two bunches)
Time Limit
60 Seconds
World Records
Time - 57.01
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Gutter, or Beginner 19, is an stage featured exclusively in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.


The stage is box shaped, spiraling down with clear and defined "steps". It largely consists of thin platforms laid out parallel, forming a "gutter" of sorts to slide down. Each consecutive step reduces the amount of strips by one, reducing the amount of "gutters until there is only one left.


Go down each of the junctions via the gutters until you reach the goal. Be wary of speed, easy to clip off the stage.
Boost either up-left or upright (easier with up-right) and aim for the goal. takes practice. no buffering strat available.

There is a total of 2 Bunches, and 5 Bananas on this stage.