Beginner Floor 3 (Hairpin in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz; Slalom in Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll)  is the third level in Beginner Mode in Super Monkey Ball. This floor is given a 1 out of 10 difficulty rating in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.


The level contains two long paths right next to each other, and an upwards and downwards sloping turn at both sides. The starting point is on one of the long paths, and the goal is on the other.


Blue Goal

Go forwards. Turn left when you reach the start of the loop and then turn right until you reach the other side. Then, go straight into the goal!


Score/Time Strategy

Hold up-left before starting the level. The Ball will go from one side to the other, once it goes to the left side for the second time hold up-right and go into the other path and into the goal. (this won't work in Jr.!)


This showcases the versions of the floor throughout the series.