Advanced Extra 2 / Expert Extra 3


Difficulty Groups
Banana Count
Time Limit
30 Seconds
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Advanced Extra 2 (known as Hard Hitter in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe), is a level in Super Monkey Ball. It is a more difficult version of Beginner Extra 2 (Hitter) and is also Expert Extra 3.


This stage is very similar to Beginner Extra 2. It is a flat, square-shaped stage with five bananas across from the starting point. The goal is in a large square wall which constantly spins around and moves across the stage. It spins so fast, a hit is an almost guaranteed fall out.


There is only a Blue Goal in this level.

Blue Goal

DO NOT move right away. Instead, wait until about 23:18-23:75 to move forward. In between this timing it is impossible to miss the goal if you just go up but If you miss the goal, don't fret; just turn towards it a little.