Warning!! This level is one of the hardest in Super Monkey Ball history!!

Chip (aka Dr. Bad Boon's Base)
Time Limit
Banana Count
Next Stage
Dizzy System, Nintendo (green goal, SMB2), Destiny (green goal, SMB DX)
Previous Stage

Helix is the eighth Master Extra stage from Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's Challenge Modes.



The stage.

Helix is the last of the "coaster" stages. It consists of a long spiral made up of a half cylinder, curving down to a straight path, and the goals are hanging off the flat side of this path. The blue goal is hanging off the side facing up, while the green goal is vertical, meaning that you'll have to fall off at a nice speed to actually get into it.

Goal TutorialEdit

You'll need to go onto the platform leading up the helix, and then start going down along the slide as far to the right of it as you can - when you're going at first, there will be a bend coming up that you'll need to be prepared to change your momentum and direction for. You can go relatively slow on this stage, although you'll need to maintain a nice amount of momentum to actually stay on the coaster - otherwise, you'll end up sliding off.

There are a variety of strategies for how to clear this stage incredibly quickly by falling off in a specific manner - however, none of these methods are easy, so you may want to look online to find strategies for how to do this method, or watch videos.

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