Beginner Extra Floor 2


Difficulty Group
Banana Count
Time Limit
30 Seconds
Score: 5812
Time: 28:58
Previous Floor
Next Floor

Beginner Extra Floor 2 is the second Extra Floor under the Beginner difficulty in Super Monkey Ball.


This stage is mostly flat except for the rotating Goal and five Bananas on the opposite side. The Goal is in a square and spins around the area at a small speed, changing position as well as angle. The corners of the square can hit the player and cause a fallout, but only in certain circumstances due to the slow speed. This floor has a more difficult version in Advanced Extra and Expert Extra. It is known in SMBDX as Hard Hitter. It also appears as the Beginner Extra Floor 1 in Super Monkey Ball Jr. without the Goal being in a square.


There is only a Blue Goal in this level.

Blue GoalEdit

Wait for the goal to go to a slow speed, then approach and angle towards the goal. Don't worry if you get hit: you'll probably stay on.

Hitter (As Beginner Extra Floor 1) In Super Monkey Ball Jr.

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