Hound's Tooth is found on Advanced Mode and in World 4 of Story Mode. It is made up of 2 rectangular platforms (one below the other to allow for several attempt on one life). with a ramp connecting them. The top rectangle (the one the player starts on; the goal at the opposite side) has checker-patterned holes scattered across it. Each hole has a small, ramped lip around it, but it is still quite difficult to traverse. As the player moves across the platform, the holes become smaller (thus making them more compact and harder to cross). The stage is probably called hound's tooth because it is full of cavities, indicating that it has succumb to corrosion from bad hygiene, as consistant with an actual 'hound's tooth'. 


The only goal on this stage is the blue one. Since the checker is both fiddly and tedious to cross, a better tactic is to attempt to go fast across the checker, at least towards the end. However it is easy to shoot over the edge or to bump off of the goal posts or party ball, so the player should slow down towards the end of the platform.

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