Inside a Whale is the 4th story mode world in Super Monkey Ball 2. Levels are presented inside of a seemingly gargantuan whale that has swallowed cities and roads. Inside a Whale reappears as the last world of the expert stages, replacing the levels from story mode's Space Colony.

It has immense difficulty and it's stages are:

4-1 Pro Skaters

4-2 Giant Comb

4-3 Beehive

4-4 Dynamic Maze

4-5 Triangle Holes

4-6 Launchers

4-7 Randomizer

4-8 Coin Slots

4-9 Seesaw Bridges

4-10 Arthropod

Trivia Edit

  • The whale represented in this world seems exceedingly large, having swallowed cities, roads, and a building which resembles the Empire State Building.
  • In Story Mode, the world's background is different than that of challenge mode's. In story mode, the whale's mouth remains shut snd it's blowhole appears to lead into darkness. In Challenge mode, the whale opens its mouth to reveal the ocean and the blowhole opens up to the sky.
  • The Empire State Building floating in the water below is the same size as the roads next to it.

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