Beginner Floor 9
Time Limit
Super Monkey Ball/Deluxe-Sky SMB:T&R-Zero G Station
Banana Count

Beginner Floor 9 is a stage in Super Monkey Ball. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, it is called Jump Single, and is given a 3 out of 10 difficulty rating.

Beginner Floor 9 In Super Monkey Ball Jr.


This stage starts as a long platform with an arrow on it, which then points to a downward slope. At the bottom of the slope is a bump which allows for a jump. The goal is on the other side.

Goal TutorialEdit

The only goal here is a blue goal.

Blue GoalEdit

Simply move forward and turn until you are on the arrow. Follow it across to the other side, where you can easily get the goal.


  • A stage in Advanced is based of of this stage, but contains two jumps. As such, its name is Jump Double. Another stage in expert contains several jumps, with each the wedge to jump off of becomes thinner; this stage is called cliffs. A stage called Sega Logo has the same ramp aswell.

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