Jumpies is found in world 4 of story mode and in advanced challenge mode in super monkey ball deluxe. It begins with a platform with a metal-textured block in the floor at the end. 2 small beams travel forwards and back quickly aross the platform. Every time these moving beams hit the metal block, the block suddenly bounces up, proppeling the player up if they are ontop of it. This launches the player onto an identicl but higher up platform, where the same action must be commenced to reach the highest point of the floor. This next part has the same principal of a jumping, metal block, however there is no wall at the end of the platorm; instead there is a ramp. The player must charge towards the metal block at the right time so that they are launced into the distance, where a platform hosting the only goal (blue) resides. With enough air, the player can reach a banana bunch floating above the platform. The other banana bunch in this floor is on a bridge going bhing the goal.

Similar FloorsEdit

Some floors use the same format of a platform that proppels the player, for example: 'Trampolines', 'Jump Machine' and 'Pistons', although the latter is slightly different, as the player must avoid being hit.

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