Under The Sea (Story Mode)
Space (Challenge Mode)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
28 (2 bunches, 8 single)
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Pro Skaters (Story Mode)
Bead Screen (Challenge Mode)
Previous Stage
Downhill (Story Mode)
Alternative (Challenge Mode)
Replaced By

Junction (World 3-10 or Beginner EX 4) is the 4th Beginner extra level and the 30th level in the game. In Advanced Challenge Mode, this is moved to the Beginner extra stages so Rampage could be added.


This stage has two platforms. Both are long with diamond-shaped holes/areas. The goals are at the end of each. There is no back platform on the start: it is the same level as the rest of the platform. The back platform is steeper and longer.


There is a Blue Goal and a Green Goal in this level.

Blue GoalEdit

The Blue Goal is on the front platform. To get it, go forward and move left and right to avoid the holes. When you reach the end, just move into the goal!

Green GoalEdit

The Green Goal is on the back platform. Getting it is about as easy, but remember to turn around and be extra care, since you'll be moving faster. The green goal's difficulty is different between Story Mode and Challenge Mode. In Story Mode, players can easily roll on to the platform, but in Challenge Mode, the platform is farther away, resulting in players having to build up momentum to get there.

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