Difficulty Group
None (does not appear in Challenge Mode)
Dr. Bad Boon's Base
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3D Maze

Labyrinth (Crazy Maze in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is the 6th floor in Dr. Bad-Boon's Base. It is exclusive to Story Mode and does not appear in Challenge Mode. This is a really hard and big stage and has a really long way to the goal. And there is a gap near the end which makes it difficult if you slow down...

Goal Tutorial Edit

Go to the left, jump, and then go to another slope, and under another slope. At the top, slide down on another slope. Go straight and move left. Go right, then left, into another slope. Go left, then straight, then left and then climb another slope, then go straight. After that, go left and jump into the other platform, then go right and climb another steep slope, and gain speed near the end, because there are cubes blocking you. After that you jump and reach the goal.

Trivia Edit

  • This stage is renamed Crazy Maze in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe due to an Advanced stage of the same name. Get It?

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