Time Limit
Super Monkey Ball 2 -Inside the Whale

Boiling Pot

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe-Inside the Whale
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Floor
Advanced 65

Lauchers is a level in smb2. To get the blue goal, the player must be pushed up by the launchers and land on the top of the central column. Upon landing, you can use the map on the bottom right of the screen to find the revolving goal. Move toward it and fall in with good timing. To get the green goal, once you start the stage, go forward off the starting platform, move toward the left launcher, and wait just in the middle at the front edge of the tire tracks. Once the launcher launches you, try to keep the ball "hugging" the side of the central column, and steer slightly to the right as you head upward. If you begin to collect a lot of bananas, chances are that you will most likely get into the goal.

Super Monkey Ball DeluxeEdit

Launchers is found in World 4 - Inside a Whale, and it is also Advanced 65.

Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

It is Story 4-6 with a difficulty of 9. It is also found in Advanced 26.

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