Linear Seesaws


Clock Tower Factory (Story Mode)
Chip (Challenge Mode)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Serial Jump (Story Mode)
Birth (Challenge Mode)
Previous Stage
Swing Shaft (Story Mode)
Quick Turn (Challenge Mode)
Replaced By

Linear Seesaws (World 8-10 or Beginner EX 9) is the 9th stage in Beginner Extra and the 80th stage in the whole game. In Expert Challenge Mode, This is moved to the Beginner extra stages so Fighters could be added.


This level is made of three seesaws with platforms in between. The last platform contains the goal. The first seesaw is 12 squares wide. The second is 6 squares wide. The third is simmilar to the first, but a 8x16 square is cut out of the center. As the seesaws do, they tilt depending on which side the monkey is on.


The only goal in this level is a Blue Goal.

Blue GoalEdit

To get the goal, move across the first two seesaws without slowing down. Next, turn to one of the platforms on the side of the cut seesaw. Head forward at high speed and get on the goal platform. Be careful not to run into the goal.

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