This is a list of glitches in Super Monkey Ball 3D.

Monkey BallEdit

Seeing through a WallEdit

In Cake Dive, the player must go to to left edge of the cake and turn left until they can see a black area behind the wall. The monkey's eyes will also glow if they face in that direction.

Flat MonkeyEdit

In Bumper House, the player must hit both the Bumper and Super Bumper together at once. If done right, the monkey will become flat and be squashed into the ball's surface until you regain control.

It is unknown if this is intentionally done.

Out of Bounds on platformEdit

In Time Lag, the player must wait or go until the blue wall drops and go onto it. After a short time period, they will be marked as "out of bounds" without falling off the course.

This is due to the fact that if the monkey passes a certain vertical position, fallout will be triggered despite where the monkey is.

In Monkey RaceEdit

Monkey Fight Special attack falldown glitchEdit

If a monkey has their special attack glow and theyre hanging on an edge, if they tap the button then go on the oppisite direction of where theyre hanging, they will start their special attack, but will also fall out of bounds.

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