Mad Shuffle is the 4th stage in Expert on Super Monkey Ball 2


The stage is composed of several platforms. You start on one platform. In front of you is a teleporter.The teleporter takes you to a platform that faces the goal platform. Between you and the goal platform are two long stick-like platforms that slide past each other quickly and switch directions every 8 seconds.


Blue Goal:Edit

To avoid getting thrown off, you'll need to slow down the platforms. Go around the teleporter. There should be a button that slows down the platforms. Push the button and go through the teleporter. To get to this goal, you need to have perfect timing on the sliding platform. It moves every 8 secs. So count up to 8 while you're on the platform. Remember, after the 8 you counted you need to get on the other side of the platform to not fall off.

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