MeeMee is a character who first appears in Monkey Ball. She is the mother of Baby and the wife of AiAi. She loves AiAi, but she thinks that he loves bananas more than her. MeeMee is the team's charm and acts as the team's second-in-command.


Meemee's appearance differs throughout the games. In the first few, she wears a pink flower in her fur. In Touch & Roll, she wears red dress shoes, but no longer wears the flower on her skirt. In Banana Blitz and subsequent games, she wears a polka-dotted skirt. She is sweet, sassy, and spunky.


Role in GamesEdit

Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

In Super Monkey Ball 2, MeeMee is the object of Dr. Bad Boon's affections. He constantly flirts with her, but MeeMee rejects him because he is evil and she loves AiAi. She and her lovers try to stop his evil plan to steal all of the bananas on Monkey Island.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana BlitzEdit

In Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz she joins AiAi, Baby, GonGon, YanYan, and Doctor to stop a giant space pirate gorilla and to get back the golden bananas that the gorilla stole.

Other GamesEdit

Sega Superstars TennisEdit

MeeMee is an unlockable character and is seen as an opponent throughout the game.

Sega & Sonic All Stars RacingEdit

She and AiAi appear in Sega's sequel to Sega & Sonic All Stars Racing, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Although AiAi appears in the first game, MeeMee only appears in the sequel. Her cart is a pink recolor of AiAi's cart.

Official ProfilesEdit

Super Monkey Ball 2/Deluxe Instruction Booklet: She is the future bride of Aiai. Unlike care-free Aiai, she is a person... umm... monkey with a firm character. Although she loves Aiai more than anything else in the world, it seems that Aiai loves bananas more than her. And that makes her a little discontent. A little bit tomboyish, she is very kind to everyone on Jungle Island. She always decorates herself with flowers that have a nice scent.

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe/Touch & Roll Websites: She is AiAi's lovely wife (and the object of Dr. Bad-Boon's twisted affections). Being so close to AiAi in all respects, it's no surprise to discover MeeMee is similarly skilled in a monkey ball. (Note: The segment in parentheses was included in the Deluxe website, but not in the Touch & Roll website. The segment before the slash was the beginning of the Deluxe website.)

Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll Instruction Booklet: A stylish monkey who is adored by other monkeys. She loves Aiai and she hopes she will marry them one day.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure Instruction Booklet: Meemee is Aiai's childhood sweetheart. She tackles all problems in a kind and sensitive way but is never one to shy away from a challenge.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure In-Game: MeeMee is the beauty of the Super Monkey Ball team. She's the one they all turn to when they're in a fix.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Instruction Booklet/Step & Roll Website: She's a monkey with firm character. She loves AiAi, but is a little discontent since they think about nothing but bananas and being strong. She loves to wear new fragrant flowers every day. ('I'ncluded in the Banana Blitz instruction booklet but not on the Step & Roll website) Lately she feels uneasy about YanYan who moved close to AiAi's home.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Website: Though she is not as carefree as AiAi, and she doesn't think about bananas half as much, she is very happy. She loves searching for new flowers to wear every day. She is very proud of her husband AiAi. she is not surprised that YanYan has fallen for one of them, though she wishes she wouldn't flirt so much.

Super Monkey Ball 3D Website/In-Game: A beauty who always wears a flower in her hair, she is much more practical than AiAi. She adores AiAi but feels a little neglected by their obsessions with bananas and muscles respectively.

Super Monkey Ball World (Flash Website): Meemee loves flowers, bananas, and of course, Aiai, Baby, and GonGon. Everything was going smoothly for the happy family until Dr. Bad-Boon showed up and went bananas for her.

Monkey Fight StatisticsEdit

The following are MeeMee's statistics in Super Monkey Ball 3DMonkey Fight.

  • Power: 3
  • Speed: 4
  • Jump: 2

Special AttackEdit

MeeMee's special attack is called Pink Volcano. In it, she slams her hammer into the ground, creating pink shock columns.


Knock the others silly with your heavy hammer!


  • In Japan, her name is Lily.