Monkey Dogfight is a Party Game in Super Monkey Ball 2. Like the rest of the six new Party Games introduced in Super Monkey Ball 2, it requires 2500 Play Points to unlock. In Monkey Dogfight, players battle each other while flying, using gliders with weapons. In Normal Mode, the player with the most points wins. In Survival Mode, you fight to stay alive.

Weapons Edit

There is a machine gun and a missile launcher on each glider. The machine gun uses an infinite ammunition supply, but pineapple missiles use a limited supply (<20) of ammunition. Additional ammo for missiles can be obtained grabbing pineapples. At any given time you may only have 20 missiles. Bananas restore a health

The player can also use their altimeter, radar, Firing Range, and other tracking devices to find and hit opponents.


In Turtle Island, four character-like islands surround a giant turtle in between them. Each island encompass the fertile turtle and have each one of monkey's faces carved into it. Touching the digital sea here causes players to drown, which is equivalent to being shot down. The altitude limit of this stage is only 400 feet above sea level.

In Mid-Sky Battle, is an arena in the clouds. Characters fly around giant wine glasses covered in flowers as time flies and backgrounds change. The altitude limit of this arena is 1000 feet.

In the Space Monkeys War, the arena appears to be the inside of a stereo. The altitude limit of this arena is 1000 feet.

Glitches Edit

In Turtle Island, missiles phase through the Stone Islands.

In Mid-Sky Battle, the game can be frozen by firing missiles and bullets at the sun at close range.

In Space Monkey Wars, descent into the valleys at the bottom of the stage leads to a dark void outside the stage. To access this area, the player must hug the bottom of the crevasses and follow them into the speakers. This leads out of the sector. Careful piloting is key however, as at "0 feet" the digital sea lies, with the effects of being shot down lingering. From the void, missiles can be launched into the sector. Enemy weapons on the other hand, cannot be launched out of the sector, and simply explode on the walls.

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