A Monkey Fight Item Box is a container which can be destroyed for a power-up.

Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 Edit

There are 4 items featured between the two games:

Types of items:

  1. Long Punch - "The length of your punches increases, making it possible to connect with far away opponents*."- Item Limit (of length): Unknown - Both games
  2. Big Punch - "The size of your glove increases, making it easier to hit opponents*."- Item Limit (of size): Larger than any Stage/Until game does not give items any more - Super Monkey Ball
  3. Spinning Punch - "If you hold down the A button, you'll become a punching whirlwind, delivering powerful blows to all those around you.*" - Item Limit: 1 at a time - Both games
  4. Iron Punch - "Your punch becomes harder increasing your striking power.*" - Item Limit: 1 at a time - Super Monkey Ball 2

*Quoted from the Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 Instruction Booklets.

Damage Required Edit

The amount of damage required to access an item is two punches which shatters the crate and allows the item to be picked up and used. Crates are damaged but not destroyed by one punch. With the damage from a moderate power, it will crack severly, but the cracks will seal themselves, but show damage. If they are damaged, but survive ~1 minute, they will simply collapse themselves harmlessly, but the item will also disappear. You can also push the boxes off the side of the stage, into the digital void. The items will eject out of the box (any condition) and attempt to reach the arena (but if they are too far away, they will simply fall into the digital void). But power must be reserved when you attempt to open a box, because it can be dwarfed by powerful hits (which throw the crate far from the stage and into the digital void, losing the item as well).

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