The Monkey Mall is a world that contains Advanced Floors 11-19 and Expert Floors 6-9 in Super Monkey Ball. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, the Monkey Mall holds Advanced Floors 31-35 and Expert Floors 5-9.

The world depicts a night-club type scenario with the stages floating in the middle of several buildings, which include the Rock N' Roll Diner, Burger Cube, and Rivet's Diner. the shadows of various unknown monkeys can be seen inside the buildings.

The world seems to focus on the aspect of music, particularly the rock and roll genre. Advanced 11 depicts an electric guitar while Advanced 18 depicts a large treble clef.

Super Monkey BallEdit


  1. Advanced Floor 11 (Choice)
  2. Advanced Floor 12 (Bowl)
  3. Advanced Floor 13 (Jumpies)
  4. Advanced Floor 14 (Stoppers)
  5. Advanced Floor 15 (Floor Bent)
  6. Advanced Floor 16 (Conveyor)
  7. Advanced Floor 17 (Exam-B)
  8. Advanced Floor 18 (Chaser)
  9. Advanced Floor 19 (Jump Double)


  1. Expert Floor 6 (Dodecagon)
  2. Expert Floor 7 (Exam-C)
  3. Expert Floor 8 (Skeleton)
  4. Expert Floor 9 (Tracks)

Super Monkey Ball DeluxeEdit


  1. Advanced Floor 31 (Bowl)
  2. Advanced Floor 32 (Jumpies)
  3. Advanced Floor 33 (Stoppers)
  4. Advanced Floor 34 (Floor Bent)
  5. Advanced Floor 35 (Conveyor)


  1. Expert Floor 5 (Dodecagon)
  2. Expert Floor 6 (Exam-C)
  3. Expert Floor 7 (Skeleton)
  4. Expert Floor 8 (Tracks)
  5. Expert Floor 9 (Downhill Hard)


Monkey Mall
Super Monkey Ball OST - Monkey Mall

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