Monkey Race 2 is a remake of the original, Monkey Race. It is featured in Super Monkey Ball 2. It features 8 players as opposed to the original, which only allowed 4.

Game Modes Edit

  • Grand Prix - Players will play all six courses in attempt to get the most points in the end. 1st place rewards the most points, while last place earns the least.
  • One Course Race - Players can choose one course to play with the ability to adjust settings.
  • Time Trial - Player can race to beat their fastest time on a selected course.

Courses Edit

  • Charming Banana Road
  • Lovely Heart Ring
  • Clock Tower Hill
  • Cannonball Circuit
  • Submarine Street
  • Starlight Highway

COM Behavior Edit

Patterns noticed

- Yellow COM3 notably bad at Charming Banana Road - almost always falls off on the first turn.

- No unusual patterns noticed on Lovely Heart Ring.

- Black COM7 notably bad at Clock Tower Hill.

- Pink COM6 and Green COM4 notably bad at Cannonball Circuit, despite being two of the better racers everywhere else.

- Green COM4 almost always falls off first turn of Submarine Street. That being said, nobody seems to excel or struggle here.

- Black COM7 will usually fall off twice near the goal line.
- Most COM players, after going down the long ramp in the middle of the course, will speed off the track towards the yellow sign. (Yellow, Green, Blue, Aqua, and sometimes Black).
- The bumpers on the slopes can prove to be a hassle for COM players; some will get stuck on the actual bumper, while others continually bump into it and get knocked off the course, although there is no noticeable pattern on which COMs get stuck.

- No patterns noticed on Starlight Highway - this is likely due to the inconsistency of the track caused by how game changing items can be here.

Pink COM6, White COM8, and Green COM4 seem to be the strongest AI, while Yellow COM3 and Black COM7 are far and away the worst, and Blue COM2 and Aqua COM5 are somewhere in the middle. These statistics have been compiled from experience and an experiment where I did 10 GP's in a row and kept track of the scores. Experiment Results