Monkey Tennis is a party game found in Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. It features up to four players in doubles mode, with COMs filling in the places of absent players.

Modes Edit

Modes          Image           Info                           
Singles Mode
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Play in a singles match against a COM or another player.

Doubles Mode

Play in a doubles match with up to 4 players (COMs filling in empty spaces). You can figure out who plays whom in the Pair Select screen.

Tournament Mode
Mode tornament

For only 1 player, play in a tournament against the COM. Try your best to get to the top!

Controls Edit

Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

  • A Button - Hit the ball fast and high.
  • B Button - Hit the ball slow and low.
  • X Button - Lob (Return a bloop ball).
  • Y Button - See the score.
  • Control Stick - Move your monkey.

Super Monkey Ball DeluxeEdit

Symbols on the left are controls for the PlayStation 2, right symbols are for the Xbox version.

  • X/A Button - Hit the ball fast and high.
  • O/B Button - Hit the ball slow and low.
  • Δ/Y Button - Lob.
  • ☐/X Button - See the score.
  • Left Analog Stick/Left thumbstick - Move your monkey.

Courts Edit

The following are the three courts you can choose to play on. Each have their advantages and disadventages, so choose wisely and practice well to overcome each.

Courts          Image           Info                           
Monkey Jungle
Tex1 160x112 03c35d9b51b05648 5

Court overview

Surface: Clay

Bounce: Medium

Speed: Slow

Kingdom Stadium
Tex1 160x112 632184d687092808 5

Court overview

Surface: Grass

Bounce: Slow

Speed: Fast

Paradise Street
Tex1 160x112 a33ce3c752341e02 5

Surface: Hard

Bounce: High

Speed: Normal

Gameplay Edit