Moonhaven is the Second or Third World in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.



This World is a 19th century city in the sky.

Missions Edit

Main Area

  1. Pick up the banana peels (Requires Stickyball)
  2. Activate the four dynamos
  3. Deliver the oil balloons (Requires Scalarball)
  4. Bring Little'uns to springs (Requires 60% joy)

Water Automaton

  1. Give Makmak Bananas
  2. Thaw the pumps (Requires Woodball)
  3. Keep the flames active (Requires Woodball)

Air Automaton

  1. Take a picture
  2. Fix the leaking air
  3. Press three buttons
  4. Save the children

Fire Automaton

  1. Find the toolbox
  2. Deliver the mail balloon
  3. Carry the fire to the top
  4. Feed the Fire Automaton
  5. Give Si'mian five balloons

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