SMB2 Expert 17 "Narrow Peaks" SS Strat00:29

SMB2 Expert 17 "Narrow Peaks" SS Strat


Narrow Peaks is the 17th Expert stage in smb2 and is World 6-7 in story mode. This stage has six platforms arranged in a 3x2 grid and a goal platform with peaked bridges connecting each one.

Goal LocationEdit

There is only one goal in this stage. The blue goal can be found directly ahead on a platform connected to the platform in the middle column and the second row from the start platform.

How to Get the GoalEdit

There are two paths to get to the goal.

Path A: this is the easier of the two and should be taken if you are new to the game because it has wider bridges. After you go across the first peak from the start platform, go across the peak to the left. The peaks get narrower as you get closer to the goal. Continue on to the peak on the right, making sure you are centered and have enough speed to get over it. Go over the next peak on the right after you have positioned yourself on the flat platform. Collect the single banana, and roll on the long peak to the left and into the goal.

Path B: this is very difficult considering how narrow these peaks can get. After crossing the first peak from the start, go across the peak to the right. Position yourself on the flat platform, and roll quickly over the peak on the left. Collect the 4 banana bunches. Position yourself again on the flat platform, making sure you are completely in-line with the narrowest peak of them all. Roll across with enough speed and collect the banana bunch and the single banana. Go onto the long peak to the right and into the goal.

Shortcut: Roll to the back of the start platform. Then go quickly toward the first peak, bouncing off the angled sides of the platform, and fly straight across the gap to the platform with the single banana. Balance yourself on the peak that leads to the goal.

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