Chip (aka Dr. Bad Boon's Base)
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Dizzy System, Helix (Green Goal)

Nintendo, the grand finale stage of Super Monkey Ball 2, and Master Extra 10 from Challenge Mode. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, it has a different stage in its place because of copyright issues.


The stage represents the console where Super Monkey Ball was originally released on: the GameCube. The stage also has a series of bars around the console, representing the system's logo. The console itself rotates from side to side, and after 5 twists of 90 degrees, the disc cover faces up. The goal will rise from the disc compartment, and that is when you will have the chance of going through it!

Goal TutorialEdit

You will want to wait until the start of the 58th second, then propel yourself forward. Once you are on the GameCube, hold back for a bit when the cube rotates completely to another side. You then need to navigate across the ventilation holes quickly and prepare yourself for the hardest two rotations (On this rotation, you'll need to go to the right). You can either go as far towards the front as possible to make the next turn, or go around via the sixth hole from the front. You'll need to watch out for the indentations where cords would normally be plugged into the GameCube, as it is next to impossible to escape from them. The cube will turn again, and you'll need to try and navigate to the next side, where there will be plenty more holes. The cube will rotate once more, revealing the side where you would plug in the GameCube controllers. You'll see two marks on the partial dome where memory cards are normally plugged in - the side that will turn up next is opposite to where those are closest. The side with the disc cover will come up, and you need to get to the buttons that would normally open the disc cover, because the cover will then open up and reveal the goal inside of it, which you can then go through!


  • Nintendo is the only stage in Super Monkey Ball 2 to not have a starting platform as the player spawns directly on top of the GameCube.

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