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What does ooparts even mean? Anyway, Ooparts is the third Master Extra stage from Super Monkey Ball 2's and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's challenge modes.



The stage.

Ooparts involves a platform leading to a large rotating object that looks like a hollow sphere with large sections of it cut out. This object rotates towards the start platform at a quick speed, and there are no buttons to slow it, pause it or anything like that. It's incredibly hard to understand how to do it at first glimpse, but the strategy for it isn't too hard - although it will need some practice, as with all Master stages.

When this stage makes you extremely mad, just remember it strangely resembles a diaper.

Goal TutorialEdit

There is one goal in this stage - the blue goal. It's located on a platform on the other side of the rotating object. A strategy that works pretty well is to simply go towards the thing as the stage starts, lose almost all your momentum by the start of the 56th second, and then fall in the middle of the 55th. Once you do that, ramp along the side that you chose and fall off near the thin middle, and fly off it, aiming for the platform. You want to make sure you don't keep too much speed when you fall off so that you don't go off the small platform where the goal is.

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