Orbiters is the 48th Expert stage in Challenge Mode and World 9-8 in Story Mode.

Description Edit

Four square frames orbit a small platform that has the goal. The smallest frame is closest to the goal platform. Each frame makes half a rotation to reveal the other side (dark gray color) of the frame, starting with the smallest (frame 1) and working up to the largest (frame 4) until the cycle repeats to reveal the original side (light gray/beige color). Frame 1 rotates toward the starting platform. Frame 2 rotates to the left. Frame 3 rotates away from the starting platform. Frame 4 rotates to the right. 3 banana bunches can be found on the dark gray side of frames 2, 3, and 4 past the goal.

Goals Edit

There is only one goal, the blue goal. Hold up on the control stick, move a little to the right, and slow down a bit as you get close to frames 4 and 3. Move onto frame 2 as it is finishing its half rotation, and turn left into the goal before frames 1 and 2 rotate.

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