Pendulums is the 7th Expert Extra stage in Challenge Mode in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Description Edit

The stage can be thought of as a 4x4 grid with respect to the pendulums. Rows 1-4 are numbered from the closest to the farthest. Columns 1-4 are numbered from left to right. Before the stage starts, the pendulums are at rest and are positioned in columns 1 and 2. Each row has a pair of connected pendulums. One swings beneath the other in an alternating fashion such that the pendulum in column 1 will move to column 3, then the pendulum in column 2 will move to column 4, then the reverse will happen (4 goes to 2, and 3 goes to 1), and the cycle continues. There is a fast-forward and regular forward switch that controls the speed of the pendulums. Row 4 is the fastest, and row 1 is the slowest. There are small square-shaped bridges that connect each row together. A banana bunch is on the one connecting rows 2 and 3, and another banana bunch is on the goal platform in column 2.

Goals Edit

There is only one goal, the blue goal. After you start on the fast-forward switch, turn around and hit the regular forward switch. Get on the pendulum in front of you (row 1 column 2), and wait on the small platform extension on the right. When the pendulum arrives, roll onto it (you are now in column 3), turn left across the square bridge, and wait on the extension on the left of the pendulum in row 2 column 3. Roll onto the next pendulum when it arrives, turn right, and wait on the bridge with the banana bunch. The pendulum in row 3 column 2 will come up. Roll onto it, and wait on the extension on the right. Use the mini map to time the transition onto the next pendulum because it is faster. Roll onto it, turn left, and wait on the bridge in column 3. The pendulum in row 4 column 3 will come up. Roll onto it and get ready to turn left. Shortly afterward, the next pendulum will arrive, so you have to time the transition precisely, and make sure you have enough speed. When you successfully get onto it, turn right, grab the banana bunch, and head into the goal.

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