Beginner Floor 1

Statge 1

Difficulty Group
Banana Count
4 (5 in Touch & Roll)
Time Limit
60 Seconds
World Records
Score - 11966
Time - 58.35
Next Stage
Floor 2 (Super Monkey Ball / Jr. / Deluxe)
Sine Wave (Touch & Roll)
WIN002 (Splitz)

Beginner Floor 1 (named Plain in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe and Elementary in Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll) is the first floor of Beginner in Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball. The level has been reused in many different games, once again as the first floor in each level.


Floor 1 is a rectangular shaped floor. The start is on one end and the Goal is on the other. There are four Bananas, one in front of it, one is closer to it but is shifted more to the right, one is in the opposite position (to the left), and one is behind the goal. It is possible to fall off but is difficult and requires a lot of speed, as there is a tall barrier and no bumps.

In every version, the floor does not change in a major way. However, minor changes exist. In Super Monkey Ball Jr., the floor becomes more rounded, and the barricades are removed (see image). In Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll, an extra banana is added in front of the goal.

Statistics Edit

Size: Small

Difficulty: Easy

Ultimate Mode (SMBD): Ultimate 1

Average Time To Beat: 2-5 seconds


The only goal here is a blue goal.

Blue GoalEdit


Green Goal Edit

Currently not available

Red Goal Edit

Currently not available


General Level Completion Edit

Go forward, don't stop.

Score StrategyEdit

The exact same as the general, but instead try to aim for one banana. Once you have two bananas, quickly aim for the other one. Then, plow through the goal to obtain the final banana. Do this as fast as you can.

Speedrun Strategy Edit

See general level completion.


This showcases the versions of the floor throughout the series.

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