Chip (aka Dr. Bad Boon's Base)
Time Limit
Banana Count
Next Stage
Sliced Cheese, Synchronized (with red goal)
Previous Stage
Ooparts, Striker (with green goal)

Planets is the fourth stage of Master Extra in both Super Monkey Ball 2's and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's challenge modes.


The stage resembles Expert Extra 9 from Super Monkey Ball. There are two goals - a blue goal and a red goal, rather than the standard blue and green when there are two goals. The stage consists of a long platform leading to a dropoff, where you have to fall onto a partial sphere (with the top cut off). You fall off the sphere onto a smaller sphere with less of the top exposed, and repeat until you get to either the blue goal on the sixth sphere or the red goal on the seventh. The spheres decrease with each sequential one in distance from the previous and elevation. Another stage in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe resembles this, however the steps do not become steeper; it is called Sanctuary.

Goal TutorialEdit

The goals, as stated in the description, are the blue goal on the sixth sphere and red goal on the seventh. The stage is rather difficult, because the spheres the goals are on have very little walking space, if you can even manage to land on them. You should try going off the dropoff to the first sphere, and then to the second - and stop bouncing and all that - and do that for each sphere. The blue goal is hard in that you can actually hit the goal itself and go flying off simply because of that.

To reach the red goal, you most likely will want to actually hit the ribbon when you land on the sphere, since there is almost no walking space, much less an area to land and not get hit by the party ball.

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