Play Points are a special kind of points in the Super Monkey Ball series. You earn these by completing a stage in 1- player Challenge Mode or Story Mode . Play Points are used to unlock Party Games/Mini Games and other extras.

Super Monkey BallEdit

In Super Monkey Ball, Play Points are used to unlock the three Mini Games: Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf. Each is unlocked with 2500 Play Points.

After unlocking all three, an extra continue is automatically added every time you reach 2500 points. You can get a continue four times before you can get unlimited continues.

Super Monkey Ball Jr.Edit

Super Monkey Ball Jr.'s Play Points unlockables are similar to those of the console game. Initially, Monkey Fight, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf can each be purchased for 2500 points apiece. After buying those three items, additional continues (2500 per continue), the second Monkey Golf Course, and the Master difficulty can be unlocked with Play Points.

Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

In Super Monkey Ball 2, Play Points are used to unlock the new Party Games: Monkey Boat, Monkey Shot, Monkey Dogfight, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Baseball, and Monkey Tennis. Each is, once again, unlocked with 2500 Play Points.


After unlocking all six Party Games, you can go to the Gifts section (in options) and trade in Play Points for the following:

  • Extra Lives (500 points each, maximum 99 lives)
  • Story Mode Movies (1000 each, all 12 are unlockable)
  • The Credits Game (1000 points to unlock, playable infinite times.

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