Postmodern is World 10-7 in Story Mode in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Description Edit

A building-like structure is at the center of a large flat platform. There are several staircases that go into the building, and some of them lead to dead-ends. The goal is on its own platform near the side of the structure. A banana bunch is at the top of the structure.

Goals Edit

There is only one goal, the blue goal. It is important to know that you must have enough speed to go up the stairs. Turn right after exiting the start platform, and head toward the first staircase. Go up the stairs. Turn right, and go up the next staircase. Stay straight to go up the third staircase. Go up the fourth staircase, which is on the left and facing the other way. This one is probably the hardest to go up because there is little room to build up speed. Follow the path, and go up the fifth staircase. Turn right to go up the sixth staircase. Turn right, go up the bump, turn left, and land on the goal platform. Make sure to move quickly throughout the stage because it is easy to run out of time.

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