Randomizer is the 27th Advanced stage in Challenge Mode and World 4-7 in Story Mode of Super Monkey Ball 2.

In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, it's the 66th stage in Advanced mode and World 4-11 in Story Mode.

Description Edit

The stage has 3 long platforms, the lowest of which has 5 columns of squares spanning its width and the blue goal, the middle has 3 columns of squares and the green goal, and the highest has 1 column of squares and the red goal. Each of the squares has rounded peaks and valleys that alternate in a checkerboard fashion. There are 2 single bananas on the lowest platform, 2 banana bunches on the middle platform, and 4 banana bunches on the highest platform.

Goal Tutorial Edit

Blue Goal: Simply hold up and adjust your speed as you get close to the goal.

Green Goal: Zigzag on the start platform and position your monkey on either the leftmost or rightmost column of squares. Stay straight, and as soon as you gain enough height, position your monkey onto the middle platform, and slow down to avoid falling out.

Red Goal: Do the same as the green goal, but when you land on the middle platform, try to keep your monkey centered on the 1st or 3rd column of squares. When you gain enough height, carefully land on the highest platform, adjust your speed, and roll into the goal.

The monkey will bounce randomly (hence the stage's name) depending on how you are angled on the squares as well as how fast you are going.

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