World Name:
World Number:
Soundtrack Name:
Emmene-moi au Futur
Sountrack Vocals By:
Difficulty Rating:
5 Stars

Siliconia is the Seventh and Final World in Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll. As the world description states: This world will test your skills! This world is so hard, that they made it over the max difficulty rating. The soundtrack's name is Emmene-moi au Futur, with vocals performed by YELLE.

Stages: Edit

  1. Slow Rotation
  2. Wormhole Slope
  3. Compact
  4. Wormhole Jumper
  5. Banana Wave (Bonus Stage)
  6. Dynamic Slopes
  7. Rolling Roll
  8. Switch Back
  9. Gutters
  10. Snaky Solid

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