Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Diamond (DX Story Mode)
Previous Stage
Wide Bridge (SMBDX)

Simple (World 1-1 or Beginner 1) is the first floor of Jungle Island in Story Mode, and the first floor of Beginner in Super Monkey Ball 2 Challenge Mode.


This level is made up of two platforms. One is rectangular shaped and the other is a rectangle attached to a circle, looking a bit like a lollipop if viewed from above. The start is at the higher rectangle shaped platform and the Goal is in the middle of the circle. On the outer edge of the circle, there are Bananas.

Goal TutorialEdit

There is one goal in this level, the blue goal.

Blue GoalEdit

To get the blue goal, move forward and don't stop doing so. You will get the blue goal in no time at all!

Other strategiesEdit

Banana StrategyEdit

This won't get you the best time, but you can curve around the circle and collect all the bananas before continuing. Try to make it quick.