The Space Colony is a world in Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2. Although the two versions are similar, the only major difference is the color scheme.


This world takes place in a disk-shaped space structure made up of connecting beams and some square-shaped panels. In Super Monkey Ball, the walls of the colony are yellow and orange. In Super Monkey Ball 2, The yellow/orange color is replaced by a red color. The moon can be seen through the top. In Ring Bridges in SMBDX with PlayStation 2, the colony and moon are missing.

Super Monkey BallEdit

In Super Monkey Ball, the colony hosts the extra stages. The world's even called "Space Extra". (The names in parentheses are the SMBDX names)

Beginner StagesEdit

Advanced StagesEdit

Expert StagesEdit

Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

Story ModeEdit

The Space Colony is World 9, so the stages are very hard.


  1. Serial Jump
  2. Cross Floors
  3. Spinning Saw
  4. Chipped Pipes
  5. Flat Maze
  6. Guillotine
  7. Corkscrew
  8. Orbiters
  9. Twin Basin
  10. Air Hockey

Purpose in StoryEdit

After the monkeys destroy the robots at the Clock Tower, Dr. Bad-Boon decides he no longer needs the hideout and flees in a rocket. The monkeys then follow him to the colony. Later, Bad-Boon begins to charge a beam that will make bananas taste like curry. The monkeys head into the center of the colony to his base and start wrecking it.

Challenge ModeEdit

The Space Colony hosts 1/2 of the extra stages, as well as the first 1/2 of the non-extra master stages.

Beginner StagesEdit

  1. Conveyors
  2. Bumpy Check
  3. Alternative
  4. Junction
  5. Bead Screen

Advanced StagesEdit

  1. Auto Doors
  2. Heavy Sphere
  3. Stagger
  4. U.F.O.
  5. Ring Bridges

Expert StagesEdit

  1. Charge
  2. Strata
  3. Puzzle
  4. Giant Swing
  5. 5 Drums
  6. Free Throw
  7. Pendulums
  8. Conical Slider
  9. Construction
  10. Train Worm

Master StagesEdit

  1. Centrifugal
  2. Swing Bridges
  3. Cylinders
  4. Passage
  5. Notch

Trivia Edit

In Super Monkey Ball, the planet outside the Colony is Saturn. In Super Monkey Ball Jr, It's replaced by Jupiter instead.


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Space Colony (SMB2)
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