Space Colony is a world in Super Monkey Ball 2. It hosts extra stages in Challenge Mode and is the 9th world in Story Mode.


This world takes place in a colony in space near Earth. It is encased in a dome with red lining, and cities and towns can be seen in the stage's environment. Outside is the sky of space, and when the monkey is warping to the next stage, the moon can be seen.

Story Mode

Space Colony is World 9, so the stages are very hard.

Stages in SMB2

Stages in SMBDX

Purpose in Story Mode

After the monkeys destroy the robots at the Clock Tower Factory, Dr. Bad-Boon decides he no longer needs the hideout and flees in a rocket. The monkeys then follow him to the colony. Later, Bad-Boon begins to charge a beam that will make bananas taste like curry. The monkeys head into the center of the colony to his base and start wrecking it to save the bananas.

Challenge Mode

The Space Colony hosts 1/2 of the extra stages, as well as the first 1/2 of the non-extra master stages.

Beginner Stages

Advanced Stages

Expert Stages

Master Stages



This world's official soundtrack can be found here:

Space Colony (SMB2)
Super Monkey Ball 2 OST - World 9 - Space Colony