The space pirate captain (previously confused to be Dr. Badboon) is the main antogonist of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. He steals the Golden Banana Bunch from Monkey Island. He is the boss in world eight: Space Case. You retrieve the last Golden Banana from him.

Physical Description Edit

He has grayish-black fur, and a purple jacket. Instead of hands, he has giant pairs of golden scissors. His eyes are pink in color. His weak spot is his rear end.

History Edit

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Edit

In a pre-game video, he steals the Golden Banana Bunch from Monkey Island.

In the boss level of Space Case, the player has to fight him.

Level Play Edit

For starters, you should stay as close to him as possible, since his swipes can knock you off of the platform very easily. When he roars, you can get under his legs.also, sometimes you have to jump to hit his weak spot.

See Also Edit

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