Chip (aka Dr. Bad Boon's Base)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Unknown (exclusive to challenge mode)
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Previous Stage
10 (in the form of a Banana Bunch

Spasmodic is a stage from Super Monkey Ball 2, exclusive to Challenge Mode's Master, and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's Ultimate difficulty.



The stage.

Spasmodic looks to be incredibly simple, and to an extent it is - unfortunately, it's really not easy - unless you know the strategy. The stage involves a long platform, on which the goal rests at the end - near the end of the platform are three differently textured parts of it that will rotate twice in quick succession every second, taking 25 hundreths of a second every turn.

Goal TutorialEdit

There is one goal in the stage - the classic blue goal. To get to it normally, you have to get to where the platforms are, and start going to the sections of the stage that aren't moving between them whenever you get the chance. When the parts that rotate do so, they go very fast - so you'll have to be quick to do it the normal way.

The speedy way to do this stage is simple - use a method called pause buffering to get the amount of seconds you have on the clock down to almost exactly half a second, and then go straight forward, although you may want to go to the left side of the stage a bit. It must be exactly between 50 and 53 for this to work - if you don't pause correctly on the first second, you don't need to worry - you can simply try again for the next second.

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