Speedy Jam is found in Advanced Challenge Mode and in World 5 of Story Mode in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. It begins with a small platform that the player spawns in the center of. Opposite to the player (quite far away) is an equaly small platform yeilding the goal. Between these two platforms is a bridge made up of a rectangular outline with a beam across the middle of the long edge (like a blocky 8). On the first segment of this brige is a convoy of bumpers that travel around the first segment quickly clockwise. On the second segment the bumpers travel around anti-clockwise at the same, fast speed, meaning that they all go in the same direction at the middle beam.

Similar FloorsEdit

A floor in Expert Challenge Mode and in World 5 of Story Mode is called Middle Jam, and it is a slower version of this. Middle Jam is the one that spawned Speedy Jam.

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