Spring Master is the 14th stage of Master in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, and the 4th stage of Master in Super Monkey Ball.


This stage has a very long spring connected with the goal on it. It also has a few platforms for you to stop on, so that you can have a place to wait for the spring to come back.

Goal TutorialEdit

Wait for the spring to reach for the starting platform, get in front of it, and then push forward really fast to get in the goal, if you don't make it on time, then get on one of the platforms your close to. Placeholder for video coming soon. 

Alternate Strategy Edit

Super Monkey Ball - Master 4 (Spring Master) Alt Strat

Super Monkey Ball - Master 4 (Spring Master) Alt Strat

Catapult your monkey with the rectangular thingy.

Wait until the Spring rolls and contracts in the platform, stay in front of the rectangular object, aim into the goal platform and slightly to the left, the rectangular piece will hit you, catapulting your monkey through the sky at a really fast speed, now land on the red floor and stabilize your landing so you do not bounce off, don't sacrifice much speed as you will need some of it to reach the goal.