Master Floor 3


Difficulty Group
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
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Master Floor 3 (Stamina Master in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is a floor in Super Monkey Ball. It is considered one of the hardest in the series. It is the hardest floor in the game along with Bridge Master. Helix from Super Monkey Ball 2 and Ultra Heaven 5 from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz are also the hardest stages in the entire Super Monkey Ball series.


Master Floor 3 starts off as a big rectangular platform, which has a very small passageway that goes up and then down. After coming off this platform, you'll see a pole to stop you and a platform shaped like a right angle. At the end of this platform comes some moving platforms, which come together then separate. After this comes a green platform that twirls downward in a spiral, much like one of the vines in the background.


There is only one goal: a Blue Goal. (It appears tan like in the other Master stages.)

Floor Replay with Gongon

Floor Replay with Gongon

Standard pathway to reach the goal.

Other StrategiesEdit

Free Fall StrategyEdit

Super Monkey Ball - Master 3 (Stamina Master) Free Fall Strat

Super Monkey Ball - Master 3 (Stamina Master) Free Fall Strat

Free Fall Strategy

This is useful if you are good at falling. Go through the level normally until you reach the moving blocks, then fall forward from an angle nearby to reach the goal. This strategy does require practice, however.