STRATA is the 2nd Expert Extra Floor in Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.


Blue GoalEdit

To get to this goal, fall down each wave until you reach the 4th wave. Don't go too fast or else you'll fall off. When you're on the 4th wave turn around and go straight to the goal.

Green GoalEdit

This goal is really hard to get to. To get to this goal, fall down on the 5th wave after on the 4th wave. Be careful while trying to get to this goal, because the width of the wave is really small that you can fall off easily.

There is a shortcut to get to the blue and green goals. When you go on the ramp leading to the 1st wave, fall off to the right a few feet before the 1st wave begins, and head straight into either goal.

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