Super Monkey Ball Bounce is a mobile game for iOS and Android released on September 2014. To this day, the game is not available now on the Google Play Store and App Store.

This game has all monkey characters, including Jam and Jet, available and unlockable to play as.

Plot Edit

The plot involves AiAi and co. looming at a present, which then opens, containing a banana with a candle on top. Suddenly, an evil scientist named Professor Boscis appears, and uses his evil army of robots to kidnap everyone - except AiAi. The banana suddenly then explodes, and AiAi is sent flying into the air, only to be saved by his Monkey Ball, and dives into a cannon with his face appearing on it, beginning the adventure to save his missing monkey friends.

Gameplay Edit

The game plays similar to the popular game Peggle. The player must control a cannon located at the top of the screen, and must use it to shoot a monkey at a number of targets. A certain amount of targets needs to be cleared in order to complete a level. Every last stage of each world is a boss battle that features one of Professor Boscis' robots, whom must be fought by launching the Monkey Ball at it. After that, the monkey being held captive by that boss in the world is rescued, and becomes a playable character. They also have their own special abilities.