Ticket Blitz cover
Super Monkey Ball: Ticket Blitz is an arcade game based on the Super Monkey Ball series. Unlike the original Monkey Ball arcade game in which the goal was to get a high score, this is exclusively for ticket/prize arcades with the goal of winning as many tickets as possible.


This game is based primarily on Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll, maintaining similar graphics and including obstacles similar to those seen in Step & Roll. However, some backgrounds from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz are included, although unlike in Banana Blitz you cannot jump in Ticket Blitz. There are twelve stages, but only one (selected at random) can be played per game. On a related note, only AiAi is playable.

While following the same basic concept as the other games, the player has (slightly) infinite lives. The monkeys can fall off as much as they need, but if the time limit is reached, that's it. Game over.

After reaching the goal, the player can try the Ticket Blitz Bonus Stage. Here, they must roll into a glowing ring using Boost Arrows. This is no easy task, but falling into the ring will earn the player the jackpot.


Since this is designed for ticket arcades, the player receives a certain amount of tickets after playing. The amounts are as follows:

  • 1 ticket per banana
  • 0-30 tickets depending on stage progress (1/3 of a stage is equal to 10 tickets)
  • 1 ticket per seconds remaining (if any)


If the player clears the bonus stage, they will earn the jackpot amount. This amount, however, varies per game.

While the exact determining system is currently unknown, the jackpot rises slightly every time it is not earned and lowers slightly every time it is earned. This means that it is higher if more people play the game but do not earn the jackpot.