Super Monkey Ball 2 Coverart

The game's box art.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is the sequel to Super Monkey Ball. It was first released for the GameCube on August 25, 2002, in North America. It was released in Japan on November 21 of the same year, and in Europe on March 14, 2003.

Game ModesEdit

Main GameEdit

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Story ModeEdit

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In the Story Mode, there is a story to the game. First the player watches a cutscene, and then they get to choose which stage he wants to complete in the first world. The ten stages can be completed in any order, however they must all be beaten to get to the next cutscene and the next world. There are no Bonus Stages. Only AiAi is playable. There are unlimited lives, so continues aren't necessary. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz did something similar with the first eight worlds.


The story follows the four monkeys of the first time AiAi, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon. Dr. Bad Boon asked MeeMee to marry him, but she was already married to AiAi and had Baby. So Dr. Bad Boon traveled to the past to prevent AiAi and MeeMee from being married. However, Baby traveled to the past too, to stop him. At some point, Dr. Bad Boon came upon a monkey that became his assistant. He went to Jungle Island in an airship with his assistant as the pilot, and steals all of the Bananas, and puts them in his labyrinth (i.e. the various floors in the game). AiAi yells at him to give them back, but all he does is tell AiAi to shut up before flying away. The four monkeys then chanted a magical spell, which caused plastic balls to appear around them.

After completing each of the mazes on Jungle Island, they found Dr. Bad Boon and told him to give back the Bananas. However, he said he would only do so if Meemee would marry him. Meemee said she would rather starve, so Dr. Bad Boon decides to show Meemee how powerful he is. To do this, he goes into the island volcano and places a time bomb in it, which would make the volcano erupt and cause Monkey Island to sink. AiAi and his friends saw his airship by the volcano and entered the volcano.

After completing the mazes in the volcano, they reached the bomb. GonGon punched the bomb, despite MeeMee's cries against it. He knocked it out of the volcano and into Dr. Bad Boon's ship, where it exploded, casting it into the sea. Dr. Bad Boon and his assistant survive, and although AiAi and his friends find him. Dr. Bad Boon retreats into the sea, with AiAi and company in hot pursuit.

Some time later, Dr. Bad Boon is seen hiding in a pirate ship. Thinking AiAi and his friends have given up by now, he swims for his hideout. However, AiAi and pals stop Dr. Bad Boon, and once again pursue him. Unfortunately before he can do anything, a giant whale ate everyone whole. All four monkeys were unconscious.

AiAi and friends try to get out by attacking the whale's inside lining, but this appears to have no effect. However, this does hurt the whale, who then proceeds to spit everyone out his blowhole. Dr. Bad Boon, believing AiAi to be dead, flies off to his hideout while they follow him. Eventually, they reach Keekee Island, which as Baby points out, is a strange place for Dr. Bad Boon's hideout.

The friends later reach Dr. Bad Boon's hideout in a haunted house in the Amusement Park. There, Bad-Boon is attempting to crate robotic thieves in the likeness of AiAi so he can steal bananas from the world over. After they intrude, the evil ape shrinks them down to a small size. He then takes them to Adventure Forest. There, Dr. Bad Boon attempts to charm MeeMee, but she again refuses. Angered, he tries to cook the other three monkeys, but MeeMee responds by going up Dr. Bad Boon's nose. Startled, Dr. Bad Boon sneezes MeeMee out, along with the other monkeys.

After a few hours of searching for MeeMee, he decides he had grown too dirty to appeal to MeeMee and goes home to take a bath. While he is washing, AiAi and friends sneak up and manage to think of a plan.

After he is done, the monkeys hide inside of his clothes.. As Dr. Bad Boon puts his clothes on, AiAi and friends tickle him, which causes him to fall on the floor laughing hysterically and uncontrollably. AiAi claims that he will stop if Bad-Boon returns he and his friends to normal size. He does so and then realizes the monkeys can still chase him, so he heads back to his base in the Clock Tower. Desperate, he decides to use the incomplete AiAi robots to attack the real AiAi and friends.

After completing the mazes, the four monkeys destroy all the robots. Having one final plan, he escapes inside a rocket to his last base -- the Space Colony, with AiAi and company still tailing him.

Eventually, the monkeys make it to his base, where he plans to use a beam to make all bananas on the earth permanently taste like curry. While the beam charges, AiAi and co. fly into the base and block it, destroying the colony and causing Bad Boon and his assistant to fall and crash on to Monkey Island. He surrenders and faints from the fall, giving back all the bananas as promised.

Challenge ModeEdit

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Challenge Mode is the traditional mode in the Main Game. There are still bonus stages.

Party GameEdit

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A Party Game is a game mode with less content than the Main Game. There are a total of twelve. The first six are already unlocked and are from the first game. They each end in two to represent the fact that they are, like the game itself is to Super Monkey Ball, a sequel to the original, numberless games. The last six are not from the original, and are not unlocked from the beginning. They must be unlocked using 2500 Play Points.

They are:

Play PointsEdit

Returning from the first game, Play Points are earned in both Challenge Mode and Story Mode in Super Monkey Ball 2. At first, players can spend these points on the Party Games listed above. After all of the games are unlocked, players are given access to the Gifts menu which is inside the options menu. There are three types of gifts that players can purchase:

Extra MonkeysEdit

Players can purchase up to 99 monkeys (lives) for 500 Play Points each. These monkey lives can be used when playing a challenge game. Note that these are not one-use lives, they are permanent, like in the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed. When starting a challenge game (no matter the number of players) there is an option to set the number of the lives for that game. Players can choose any number of lives from one to the maximum they have unlocked after unlocking one Extra Monkey to begin with. Players are given these lives at the beginning of the game, as well as the beginning of each continue. This feature is useful when a player is trying to unlock the Master difficulty mode by completing Expert mode and its extra levels without using a continue


Players can purchase video clips of Story Mode cutscenes for 1000 Play Points each. These videos are viewable anytime the player wants and are accessible inside the Gift menu inside of the Options.

Credits MinigameEdit

The credits minigame (normally available after completing a challenge mode or story mode game) can be purchased for 1000 Play Points. 

Play Point RecorderEdit

After unlocking all of the party games, all 99 lives, all of the cut scenes and the credits minigame, players will unlock the Play Point Recorder. This feature acts like a separate high score, where your greatest Play Point record is saved and shown upon finishing or forfeiting. The maximum amount of Play Points that can be earned in one game is 17,080, achievable by completing the Expert, Expert Extra, Master and Master Extra levels without warps or losing lives. 

Changes from Super Monkey BallEdit

Super Monkey Ball 2 introduced many new gameplay elements, graphical changes, and gimmicks (and removed some) for the game. There are also different names for all the stages, like Inchworms, Quick Turn and Mad Shuffle.

New objects added to the gameEdit

Differences in mechanicsEdit

  • Each stage (except for Nintendo) starts you on a platform that varies in length and the height of the walls on its sides.
    • There is an easy way to reach your top speed incredibly quickly by bouncing off their sides at the right angle, going from the left side to the right side until you go far enough forward off the platform to the actual stage.
  • The secondary font is now American Typewriter instead of Eurostile.
  • None of the timers are bombs anymore.

Worlds (Story Mode)Edit

  1. Jungle Island
  2. Volcanic Magma
  3. Under the Ocean
  4. Inside the Whale
  5. Amusement Park
  6. Boiling Pot
  7. Bubbly Washing Machine
  8. Clock Tower Factory
  9. Space Colony
  10. Dr. Bad-Boon's Base